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Poulomi Ghosh-Director – Talent Acqusition

Dear Veena

Thank you for agreeing for being a part of MSMR.

My team thoroughly enjoyed and liked it, they felt there is lot of info and added valued to their regular life.

All of them want you back for more insights J..they loved the role plays and the self defence tips.


Tamanna Lakhanpal

We would like to Thank you for arranging the Self Defense session for our Noida OMC.

We had a good no. of people of who attended the session and each of them found the session very helpful. We all learnt and practiced some physical self-defense moves / techniques , which has boosted up some self-confidence of each and every individual  who attended the same. Special Thanks to the trainer Ms. Veena for all of it.

We look forward for many such sessions in the coming future. Much Appreciated .

Glimpse from the Session:

veena1 veena2

veena3 veena5