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Founded in 2013, Women Empowerment Safety and Security (WESS) is my NGO venture, formed by an effective collaboration of 14 powerful businesswomen, sharing the common dream of promoting women empowerment and safer community in India. WESS offers an excellent platform to women, men, and children, for enhancing their self-confidence and developing awareness for their personal security. My sole objective behind incorporating this organization is to create a safe and secure society, which is free of gender discrimination, and where, each citizen holds utmost respect for his fellow citizens. With the help of various self-defense workshops and programs conducted by WESS, my aim is to empower women of our society, to enable them to face and handle untoward incidents.

The activities organized by WESS include the following:

  • Imparting primary safety skill education to girls and women at schools, colleges, and corporate houses of Haryana.
  • Conducting self-defense training and awareness programs at schools, corporate offices, and community centers in and around Gurgaon.
  • Sensitizing rural men and women about their safety and health.
  • Conducting events and award functions to motivate women for their achievements in the domain of women empowerment.
  • Enabling women to share their success stories and best practices with other fellow members through networking and seminars.


Women Association’s Resources & Marketing (WARM) is my initiative towards honoring those extraordinary women, who, by virtue of their accomplishments have contributed immensely to the society. Founded in 2011, the venture works on the grounds of Women’s Achievers Club, which celebrates the talent and personal & professional feats attained by women. It offers a platform for women across the world to strengthen their connections and share their success stories with others.

WARM also intends to help and motivate women who carry the zeal to work and pursue their careers, but are unable to fulfill their dreams because of their family & household commitments. Be it work from home business, a small-scale enterprise, or a substantial project, WARM aims to support such talent and courage, by creating an appropriate platform, providing requisite resources, and even marketing the products/services in the most relevant fashion. By means of funding, networking, and providing business ideas, WARM offers assistance and encouragement to women who wish to excel in their professional lives.

She Talks

She Talks – Women Empowerment Program

She Talks is my initiative towards promoting Women Empowerment and Women Safety.  Through this program, I strive to reach out to the society to proclaim the ideology of men and women having equal rights. Ranging from self-defense tactics, self-grooming tips, to encouraging women to pursue their professional lives, She Talks aims to boost the hidden talent and skill embedded within each woman. It also strives to empower women with the right information and capability to create a safe and secure environ for their fellow members and themselves.

The key points focused in this program include the following:

    • Balancing work and home commitments
    • Self Grooming including enhancing self-confidence and soft skills

I Dare to Fight Back

Women Safety – Veena Gupta – I Dare to Fight Back – Self Defense Learning & Training Centers

‘Veena Gupta – I dare to Fight Back’ is an association founded by me, which specializes in providing self-defense training to men, women, and children. With the help of these workshops, one can create a safe and secure environ for himself, as well as his fellow citizens. With training centers spread across Gurgaon and nearby areas, I strive to increase the self-confidence of Indian citizens, and equip them with combating techniques, which would enable them to fight against crime and violence.


Federation of Limitless Women (FLW) is my initiative towards encouraging those women who carry the passion and inclination to work towards empowerment of their own selves as well as their fellow members. It offers an outstanding platform for those who wish to mould their professional lives, without impeding their household commitments. The organization welcomes strong-headed women from all across the world to join the group to share their business ideas, strengthen connections, promote social entrepreneurship, and help in inspiring other group members.

Women Lady Body Guarding

Most people think that women do not make good bodyguards, due to lack of physical strength. However, I firmly believe that women are equally capable of protecting themselves, their family, and the society.  In fact, women bodyguards are more discrete as compared to their male counterparts. A well-trained lady bodyguard not only provides physical protection, but also identifies issues and problems, before they pose a threat to the client. During my training sessions, I ensure that each lady bodyguard is fully adept at assessing situations, operating weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and carrying out other essential activities, required for security of the client. By integrating reality-based situational scenarios in the training program, I make sure that each candidate undertakes a proactive approach towards the safety of her client.

Women CEO Protection

In today’s world of crime and violence, protecting a C-level talent is of paramount importance. A CEO invariably makes enemies, either because of his/her financial standing, or because of business interest.

A Woman CEO is all the more vulnerable towards being a potential target. Protecting a Woman CEO does not only include the typical body guarding service, but it also encompasses home-security systems and safety in an aircraft. In a nutshell, it comprises protecting the client at office, home, on the road, or in the air.

While training and preparing candidates for protection of women CEO, I ensure to equip them with all the necessary skill set, combating techniques, behavioral intelligence, and other essential capabilities, which helps them in carrying out their assignment with utmost efficiency and productivity.

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Sexual harassment at the workplace is an unwanted behavior of sexual nature or an unwelcome sexual advance towards a person of the same or opposite sex, through physical contact, verbal offensive comments, or non-verbal actions. Such lewd gestures and comments are unacceptable, and professionals should not only raise their voice against such behavior, but should also equip themselves to combat such activities. By conducting trainings and workshops on subjects of sexual harassment at corporate houses, I constantly strive to create awareness on ways of preventing, coping, and reporting of such shameful acts.

Through my training programs, I try to educate the management and employees of an enterprise to undertake initiatives, such as,:

  • Formation of a Sexual Harassment Policy, clearly defining the terminology, punishment for the offence, and procedure for filing complaints.
  • Ensuring that each employee has understood the Sexual Harassment Policy.
  • Setting up of a sexual harassment committee.
  • Strict monitoring of the workplace, such as, security deployment, surveillance of visitors.
  • Well-lit work stations, staircases, and parking lots.
  • Reporting, subsequent investigation, and speedy redressal of each complaint.
  • Strict disciplinary action against employees found violating the policy.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of the complaints received.

Self Defense

Many people misconstrue that the self-defense tactics for men and women are the same. However, personally I believe that self-defense for women, is a different and complex technique. A brawl between two men, and that of a woman defending herself from a man – are two very disparate scenarios. Almost all women, at some point or the other, become victims to violent crimes.  Incidents of eve teasing and rape have become very common. The best way out is to empower oneself with the right information & technique.

By conducting Self-Defense trainings and camps at schools, colleges, communities, and public places, I aim to reach out to all men, women, and children, of our society, to prepare them physically & mentally to confront untoward incidents. I believe that parents should allow their girl child to master any form of martial art, which would enable her to protect herself from violence and harassment.

Foreigner Student Safety Program

Many students travel abroad for pursuing their higher studies. However, they are also vulnerable towards being potential targets of crime. While counseling and coaching international students, I focus on creating an awareness of the dangers which a student may encounter upon his/her arrival to the foreign country, as well as the major safety concerns which one needs to follow, to prevent occurrence of unfavorable incidents. It is essential for students to keep emergency numbers handy with them, so that they can immediately call for help.

During the Foreigner Student Safety Program sessions, I emphasize on the following topics:

  • Safety Tips
  • Street Safety
  • How to call for help
  • Personal Safety
  • Banking Security
  • Apartment Security
  • Theft
  • Pick-pocketing
  • Sexual Harassment