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Be alert and safe while celebrating Independence Day – Veena Gupta

 Be alert and safe while celebrating Independence Day

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A day celebrating by whole Nation evokes the feeling of patriotism in the heart of Every Indian on Independence Day. But while celebrating the day of Independence you need to take some precautions as many anti-elements move to the society to disturb the society and people.

Many reports and cases show opportunists will be watching your behaviour – and not always with good intentions. So beware while roaming near the public and crowded places.

Handy Tips in mind while out with children and family: 

  • Don’t accept alcoholic drinks from strangers.
  • Watch the road. Drunk drivers can hit you anytime.
  • Crowds can quickly get uncontrollable during mass celebrations. Be smart and wait for back-up if you predict you might need it.
  • Be with Kids; don’t forget your own kids while celebrating and roaming.
  • Sexual assault against women and young girls are increasing; so use speedy dial while in some problem.
  • Stay off the street after dark. Take a taxi or rickshaw to a restaurant or home.
  • Always have a mobile to hand and a speed-dial number to call for help. Use it – even to make a fake call – as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable.