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After Indian Women Taking decades fighting the society to come out of the shelters and start becoming self dependent,

The struggle to walk beside men of the society has come to little fruition! Though Sexual harassment of women at workplace act came as a milestone in this regard but is still being held with a serious critic due to its possible lethal usage that can be done by the women!

The cynics have already started questioning its misuse and the bent towards feminism, which in their terms stands for “men hatred” or complete women domination, hence the act even before it operates properly is being questioned for its generative capacity .

A Recent interaction with directors of some major firms, bought forward the following concerns

“No longer is excellence a major concern for men at work , it has been replaced by handling code of conduct with women employees ”

“This act has unleashed legal terrorism at workplace”
“The enactment of this law has made workplace dangerous for men”

In such a facade and clash of opinions we need to understand the background of this act and handle this legal apparatus with most sensitivity

What to wait for : come and join us for the panel discussion The Role of Law – Curse or Boon

Can Accused be a Victim too?

Do Male feel that women are misusing their Power and Law is in there favor?

what happens when false e legation been made on Accuse ? does that Debar Him from society or workplace?

Living Relation ship in 2 couples are curse now? can that we count as Rape if they break? or fight? what happens to the Male and women ? Does (376) is Curse?
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