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? If you receiving any  calls  or receiving electronic mails or SMS or MMS which are threatening , abusive or grossly offensive then you are a victim of obscene calls.

In these circumstances you should inform police and file a complaint in police station or cyber crime Cell.

you can also contact the Women Helpline at 1091.

please do not erase the e-mail,sms or mms to be objected.

The law can help you fight for your rights.

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What is Rape: are you a victim -lets talk-

Think? and discussed

have you being forced to have sex without your consents?  or was it false promises for giving your consent@ as Marriage Love Relationship etc?

Are you less than 18 years of age ?

Are you being forced in to sexual contract with a promise to some sort of favor in return?

Have you ever being forced to have sex by the person having any authority towards you?

if any of you answered yes than you are a victim of Rape:

what you can do: You can seek help of police Under section 376 IPC

By giving a Return complaint   by email

You can ask for  Female advocate for the Aid as each police station has the arrangements for the same .

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