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Importance of women self defense

Self defense teaches women discipline, and that discipline transfers over to all other areas of their lives. Professionally, I know I am a better coach and businesswoman because self-defense taught me to be calm, control my breathing, and respond instead of reacting to situations. My demeanor has even changed due to the training I receive from self-defense. Personally, it taught me proper body control and understanding. It gave me overall strength, flexibility, dexterity, and cognitive awareness as an athlete. It taught me to be a better student by listening, observing, and learning about the art. Emotionally, it taught me to trust a process that has no definite end. In a microwave society where we want results now, self-defense taught me to be diligent, patient, and even take failures as signs of growth instead of abject defeat. Spiritually, I’m discovering daily revelation on how to become a better mother,daughter, sister, friend, and person altogether. Enduring hardship, and training towards a goal gave me inspired purpose, not just in the dojo but also in my daily walk. Learning self-defense pushed me to grow out of stagnancy and has given me a tool that has no monetary value.

Nari Shakti

An initiative by Veena Gupta.Special team selected for security training for females by industry expert on Mixed Martial Art. Veena Gupta introduces its first team of Women Lady Body Guard Wing,specialized in security services.
self strength.self esteem, self response and a zeal to grow as a individual overcoming through augmented approach and appropriate implementation of Mixed Martial Art is what we dealt today.
The agony and pain well tendered to learn the ropes of self defense techniques, our first attempt of creating a superwoman team which will break the shekels and look beyond the conventional concept of society and narrow thinkers who say WOMEN CAN’T.
Presenting you the first cut version in the making of industry’s first ever Women Safety Cell. the power of we.
Proud to be a WOMEN….

Justice Done

In today’s scenario women safety and security has become an important issue in India. The need of the hour is to spread awareness about the issues related to security of women and the remedies available to deal with such issues.
WESS organised Nirbhaya Event on 16th December at Leisure Valley Park Gurugram, at 3PM to create awareness among the participants and through them spread the message to the society at large.
Justice is done
The Supreme Court today upheld the death penalty for the four convicts for the 2012 gang-rape and murder of Nirbhaya.

Gender Equality


The aim of gender Sensitisation is to make people aware of the power relations between women & men in society and to understand the importance of affording men and women equal opportunities and treatment,, Sex’ refers to the biological characteristics of men & women ‘Gender’ on the other hand refers to the socially defined roles & Characteristics of men & women to the socially constructed relationship between men & women,,let me ask you a question
What is Sex & What is Gender?
Born With – Not Born With
Only women can give birth – Women can do same job as men
Only men can supply sperm Men can take care of children
means that there is no discrimination on grounds of a person’s sex in the allocation of resources or benefits, or in the access to services

Come forward for the same cause: My pledge to All Mothers to change the upbringing of your son, As women has very important role to play when its comes to Women safety and gender equality , Charity begins at home,

I Request to all husbands that please start treating your wife in front of kids as well as you can , coz children see all at home and learn from home what they see how father is treating his mom and how his sister being treated at home,

Be the change your want to see !!!!

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