Gender Equality


The aim of gender Sensitisation is to make people aware of the power relations between women & men in society and to understand the importance of affording men and women equal opportunities and treatment,, Sex’ refers to the biological characteristics of men & women ‘Gender’ on the other hand refers to the socially defined roles & Characteristics of men & women to the socially constructed relationship between men & women,,let me ask you a question
What is Sex & What is Gender?
Born With – Not Born With
Only women can give birth – Women can do same job as men
Only men can supply sperm Men can take care of children
means that there is no discrimination on grounds of a person’s sex in the allocation of resources or benefits, or in the access to services

Come forward for the same cause: My pledge to All Mothers to change the upbringing of your son, As women has very important role to play when its comes to Women safety and gender equality , Charity begins at home,

I Request to all husbands that please start treating your wife in front of kids as well as you can , coz children see all at home and learn from home what they see how father is treating his mom and how his sister being treated at home,

Be the change your want to see !!!!

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