Veena Gupta believes in ”MSMR” My Security my Responsibility

Be responsible for your own safety as police and others will come later once u will be in position to call them or unfortunate incident will happen as this : Cab driver accused of raping Delhi woman detained : LATEST incident of most of the incident happens as we are not aware of the situation and than its too late, our life is important first / do not wait for other to protect you: be alert and just be bit extra careful: Accused look for easy target and do not be a victim. please While hiring a Cab: : stay safe:

while Traveling alone by Taxi/Auto- Deterrent is the key word for all problems!!!
Considering the recent incident revolving around a popular paid taxi, you must be having second thoughts about hiring a taxi. However, while traveling through a taxi/auto, it is always best to keep a note of a few things:
Note the taxi number and the driver name and convey it to someone at home.
Always click a picture of the taxi’s number plate and send it to family/friends.
Sit left side of the taxi so you can see the reaction of the Driver from the left side and do not ever sit in the center of the taxi as driver is seeing you from the rear Mirror
Time and again, keep calling your family to keep them posted on your whereabouts.
Stay alert and chat with the driver to know a bit about him and also u can stay awake never sleep in the taxi or auto.
Avoiding personal calls as which is not appropriate!! in terms of as Society norms , our character certificates comes from stereotypes mind sets around
Don’t get into an argument with the driver. If there is something about the services that you are upset about, please speak to the hired cab company/customer care
Within the city and around there are various cab services where you can ask for women chauffeurs. Even though the frequency is not too high, almost negligible during the night time, yet it is best to tell them your preference of driver.

women police Women Cell- Gurgaon Police Headquarters if you feel any time y
ou need help call@ 1091 do not wait till any Incident happen!!
Gurgaon Police has come up with a separate cell to provide necessary assistance to women in the city. 1091.

The Women Cell located at Room No. 302, Third Floor, Mini Secretariat, Gurgaon is now functional. The Women Cell is headed by a woman officer of the rank of an Inspector who works under the direct supervision of the DCP, Gurgaon. To seek assistance you can also call Police Control Room at 100, 0124-2316100 or at Women Helpline No. 1091 {working round the clock-24×7} or through SMS at 0124100.