Escorts Security Guards Training

The need of skilled and trained Escorts Security Guards is indispensable for industrial as well as residential purposes. A seasoned security guard not only caters to the safety concerns, but also carries the expertise of dealing with critical situations and the knack to always detect & observe malicious activities. For these reasons, while imparting Escorts Security Guards Training, I focus on combining classroom sessions with audio-visual instructions & site-specific sessions, to enable security officers to efficiently function in any environment. Starting from training on defensive arts, role-play examples, ways of maintaining general fitness, to explaining the core responsibilities of a security professional, I ensure that each officer is adept to render effective and proactive security to his clients.  During my training sessions, I emphasize on the following aspects:

  • Fundamentals of security
  • Understanding Civil & Criminal Law
  • Preventing and detecting theft, fire, water leakage, or any other act of vandalism
  • Fire safety awareness
  • Emergency procedures
  • Escorting techniques
  • Report writing
  • First Aid
  • Conflict management
  • Operation procedure of CC Tv and other security equipment
  • Protection of property
  • Code of conduct
  • Access Control
  • Crowd Control
  • Observing and identifying hazards
  • Communication skills