Women Lady Body Guarding

Most people think that women do not make good bodyguards, due to lack of physical strength. However, I firmly believe that women are equally capable of protecting themselves, their family, and the society.  In fact, women bodyguards are more discrete as compared to their male counterparts. A well-trained lady bodyguard not only provides physical protection, but also identifies issues and problems, before they pose a threat to the client. During my training sessions, I ensure that each lady bodyguard is fully adept at assessing situations, operating weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and carrying out other essential activities, required for security of the client. By integrating reality-based situational scenarios in the training program, I make sure that each candidate undertakes a proactive approach towards the safety of her client.

My training curriculum focuses on the following topics: 

  • Principles of protection
  • Code of Conduct
  • Use of force
  • Basic Pistol operation
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Dealing with media
  • Behavioral Intelligence
  • Attack Recognition
  • First Aid